Tuesday, June 12, 2001

damn this work too.  i got home from work,
took a shower, am cooking right now, still haven’t ate yet, and it’s already
damn 8:30pm!  i’m adding to the site as i can, i’d like to code most of
the content in asp, but with all the links and things i wanna do to it, it
might just be easier to create the raw files with frontpage.  i wanna
make content.  one of the main reasons i started this site is to get me
back into writing, which i used to do all the time.  now i don’t have
the ambition to do it.  i’m not in the mood after working all
day.  when i’m not working, i’m working around my house, or
entertaining myself on the computer or something.  my environment is
not suited for writing, i have 4 cats, a rabbit a hermit crab, and sometimes
a dog all inside.  i have more animals outside.  actually most of
these animals are my kinda girlfriend’s.  they make tooooo much
noise.  years ago, when i used to write, i could sit in my room when i
lived with my mom and her husband and tune out absolutely
everything.    when they went to bed it was dead quiet, i
could think.  no one bothered me.  i would write poetry, or
stories, i had a few published, and i really enjoyed doing it.  i
consider myself to be a creative person, and i need to be doing something
creative and in my field of vision to stay focused and happy in life.
so, back to the subject, (i ramble a lot, part of my writing) if i write on
this web site, it will get me adapted to writing again and maybe i can be as
good it as i used to be.  and i decided what my first article will
be.  i really enjoyed vilette’s
article on picrave
.  but i see A/S/L as something different.
i’ll post it here as soon as i’m done.

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