gesh, it’s been way too long now. no, i haven’t neglected my work here, in fact i have been writing poetry, and have been trying to decide on a way to post the poetry, since i write a new one several times a week now, it would take a lot of room to put each poem up each time i write one.  so i think i have decided to combine all the ones i write in a month onto a single page.  so.. that said, check out my August poetry page under the poetry section!

I just got in from a local club called Philly Bistro.  The headliner tonight was my wonderful and very talented friend Mercy!  She is from the Philippines, and has performed in China with a band there for a while.  She came to America about 2 years ago, and tonight was her first gig here, so congratulations Mercy.  Part of the reason i haven’t been here much is because Mercy and I have been working together transferring a demo tape of hers to CD.  We finally finished that recently, and she has been handing it out to people who are interested, like Philly Bistro, some local bands, and some of the larger clubs in Raleigh.  Next step is we are going to do brand new recording on my digital equipment.  It will increase the quality of the music, and enable her to focus more on her singing while i focus on doing the recording and mixing.  Plus, being digital, we can edit the tracks as we see fit, so it will be a huge bonus for her.

Speaking of music, I am lonely now because I had to take my new acoustic and electric guitars to the repair shop.  Seems that the neck needs some adjusting and could use a few other enhancements, and since I have no idea how to go about doing that, I found a local guy who could perform the work for me.  So, expect to hear some new stuff from me sometime soon when i get them back this week.

I also have been busy playing a MUD recently, and it has engrossed my life.  If you aren’t familiar with muds, they are essentially like the old text based adventure games, however you play them online, and with a lot of other people!  you can form groups, carry out role playing, and just have a good time killing things!  Download ZMUD at and connect to one of the few hundred available games.  most of them are free, but the zmud program is shareware.  The one I have been playing is Age of Chaos, I am Brumah on there.  so find me and let’s group!

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