Friday, September 7, 2001

Yep, it’s almost midnight and i haven’t eaten supper yet!  i was so tired
from staying out late last night i went to bed when i got home from work and
woke up around 10 or so.  Last night I went again to Crowley’s, open mic
night is awesome. Very talented set of musicians to go see if you are in the

Well, i’ve decided to try something i hadn’t
tried before.  and i tell ya i think it’s pretty sweet, its acid.
yea, acid can so some crazy stuff and its really helped my creative
abilities.  therefore, go to my music section and download my 3 new songs
done while using acid.  its techno/dance style stuff.  of particular
interest there is a song dedicated to my work buddy Steve who thinks he knows
everything and is a general wise ass.  you know, pretty much like me.
no new poetry right now, that i can think of.

im gonna go make me a sandwich

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