Wednesday, September 12, 2001

if you dont know of
the terrible tragedy here in USA yet, you are severely deprived.  read up
on or something.  anyway for
my special take on the whole thing:  i found some pictures and stuff around
the net about the situation.  some of these came from the wonderful
so give them a visit sometime.  Most of the following i’ve pulled from IRC
chat’s i’m on now.  Very interesting stuff, give me props for being your
favorite news site, ok?

The freakiest thing i have seen is this set of posts on a
newsgroup from a guy called

can be wierd to navigate, so I’ll copy the important ones here.

On August 31, he posted this:

Something is going to happen tomorrow. This is a witness against everyone on
this newsgroup. I hate this newsgroup, and everyone on it sucks. REPENT! You
are all evil liars! Do not be so evil, and be holy. You are going to get me
killed because of the truth of my mouth. I am not telling you what is going
to happen until it does, because an EVIL and adulterous generation seeks for
a sign.

someone replied with this:

Dear Xin,

The first post in this thread was from you, saying that
something was going to happen on August 31, and that you
would tell us what that thing was after it happened,
presumably on September 1.  I was only noticing that you
hadn’t followed through on what you said you’d do, and
instead had only written, “This is a witness against
everyone on this newsgroup.”

Now you write, “Since when do I post prophecies, other
than end of the world ones?”  Are you now saying that you
are taking back your promise to tell us the thing that you
said was going to happen on August 31?  Or are you saying
that the thing that happened August 31 was a witness against
everyone in this newsgroup, with no more specification than

Just looking for some consistency and follow through from
you.  I am interested in what happened on August 31 that
fulfilled your premonition of August 30.  Or has it not
happened yet, and you are going to tell us after it does,
whatever the date?

Tom McDonald

Then on September 4, 2001, the Xin guy posted this in

Wait 7 days, and then maybe I’ll answer this post. You see, I
am going away
in seven days, and you will not hear from me again.

September 6, 2001 he posted this

I said it was a witness, ie. a testimony. The testimony always
comes before
the prophesied judgment. For if I no testimony had been delivered, you would
not be guilty of sin. If you’ve been tracking me at all, you know the
prophesies I have made. The testimony had nothing to do with any cataclysm
as you now suggest. Truly, you only see what you want to see, and for this
reason, people must be destroyed, because although they can see, they are
yet blind.

Finally on September 11, 2001 the day of this event he posted this:

7 days ago I said in 7 days from then I would explain the meaning of my 911
prophecy. A witness against everyone in America!!! US, the cry of your sins
has reached unto heaven!!! Now I go away. The witness is thus completed.
After the witness, if the people don’t repent, there will AN EVEN GREATER
witness, and an EVEN GREATER punishment if the people do not repent. (Of
course they wont! Only individuals repent, never the whole nation!) Don’t be
stupid SUSA. Bin Laden is not responsible for these attacks. SATAN himself, the
GOD of the EARTH is responsible for these attacks, your own KING!! Check your
history, you’ll see! They are a test to see if Americans are STUPID ENOUGH to go
to war with a completely INNOCENT country over it. To see if America is STUPID
ENOUGH to arrest INNOCENT people over it.
DAMN YOU MILITARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 The cup of your sin in almost full. God is going to pour out his wrath all
over America. Get the hell out right now. Do not be partakers of the sins. Quit
your jobs. Go out into the deserted areas of the earth. Live there instead. The
world will be destroyed. This is unavoidable. You can only try to take a few
people with you as you go. What more can you do? X

There are lots of posts by him and replies from other
people on the newsgroups
Read the ones from
Xinoehpoel starting on August 31.

Check out the one especially on September 4.  Then read the one today here.

That dude scares me.

In case the links stop working, search for 911 in the nostradomas news group i think it is. Here’s the only place i’ve found
of footage of the first plane crashing into the WTC.

I haven’t actually seen it yet, i’m on modem 🙁 so tell me if it doesnt work.
This guy has some
great pics
of the tower.    okay, Here is another site with a
bunch of videos on it including the first plane crash. This just on IRC –

<Icos> If you want insignificant number coincidences, The plane numbers were 93 (9+3 = 11 today) 75 (7+5 = 12
tommorow) 175 (7+5+1 = 13 next day) and 77 (7 +7 = 14, the next day)

here is an old pic of the city view, you can clearly see the
towers in this one.  it
was so pretty
.   Want to donate money to Red Cross?  Here’s
a very quick and easy way to do so.
  Info on the guy
currently suspected
to be involved with this.  Rumor has it the Exec
Producer of Frasier was on one of the planes and a couple of LA Kings Scouts,
and the guy who cofounded Akamai Tech.

Anyone into more predictions?  Not sure where these are
from but maybe Nostrodomas.  Bom-Skwad quoting HerbalK –

<BoM-SKwad> <HerbalK> At forty-five degrees, the sky will burn,
<BoM-SKwad> <HerbalK> Fire approaches the great new city,
<BoM-SKwad> <HerbalK> Immediately a huge, scattered flame leaps up
<BoM-SKwad> <HerbalK> When they want to have verification from the Norman
<BoM-SKwad> <HerbalK> (Century VI, Quatrain 97)

<BoM-SKwad> <HerbalK> Earth-shaking fire from the center of the earth.
<BoM-SKwad> <HerbalK> will cause the towers around the New City to shake,
<BoM-SKwad> <HerbalK> Two great rocks for a long time will make war,
<BoM-SKwad> <HerbalK> And then Arethusa will color a new river red.
<BoM-SKwad> <HerbalK> (Century 1, Quatrain 87)

Looked at the Riot cam
in Manhattan now, its after 1:00am and it is completely empty of people!
reports that people that are still trapped in the rumble who are alive are
calling family members with their cell phones.  just heard that two of the
flight attendants on one flight called for help because they had been stabbed
before they crashed into the center.   taleban
web site has been hacked
.  not sure if it’s related to this
though.  Here’s another
with archives of pics and movies. ok oh my god.  some one posted
this on irc and i saw the pic and thought it was new.  but apparently it is
not, in fact at least 3 months old because of times of print.  check
out this photo  
that was posted in the October edition of Wired
page 170 as someone’s album cover.  Here’s a site that has even
more footage
of the events  This game
is just soo sad
.  And now i’ve lost track of the links i’ve
posted.  but here’s another one i don’t care if i repeat them. its tooo
late.  this one is of
pics and movies

Well it’s 2:00am now and i’ve done my civil duty.  Thanks
for staying tuned and checking on the site.  i’m going to keep my irc on
tonight and log everything, maybe some new info and links will pop up.  if
i get anything interesting it’ll be here later tomorrow.

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