Thursday, October 18, 2001

Its time to spend
some gas, and take a little adventure to get away from this place!  This
Saturday marks our trip to Busch Gardens in Virginia.  If you’d like to
join our caravan just let me know.  Speaking of road trips, the weekend
after, the 26, 27 and 28th of October brings another trip back to Virginia for
Neko Con.  Three days
of fun and adventure in Virginia Beach.  If you’d like to join our party
there, just let me know.  All the beds in our hotel room are booked, but we
can rent out floor space!  Doesn’t this just set the tone for the con?
Check out a section of rules from the Cosplay “Remember no
costume is still no costume!!   Nudity on stage is really discouraged.
If you have a skimpy costume, be sure it’s secure enough that when you get on
stage, you don’t end up giving the judges and fans a show you will never forget
or possibly live down. Also, excessive use of foul language on stage will be
grounds for disqualification from competition and having Tex sicced on you. ”
The last anime con I went to which was earlier this year in Durham, NC ,
  really surprised me, and i enjoyed it a lot more than I
thought.  I wish i had a chance to participate in more of the events, so
now i got 3 days to do that!  Con is open day and night, 24 hours,
for all sorts of activities, games, movies, classes, hotel room parties, and of
course, lots of cute girls dressed as their favorite anime characters.
We’re gathering some people to go to
Animazement for 2002 in
May, if you’d like to join us, let me know.  Whats in store for Nekocon?
Here’s a quote from fansview – “NekoCon
returns to Virginia Beach, Virginia for its fourth year. Guests of honor include
singer and songwriter Mari Iijima, artists Fred Perry, John Barrett, Colleen
Doran and Robert DeJesus, animator Scott Frazier, Steven Bennett, Stephanie
Brown and Doug Smith of Studio Ironcat, costumer Nickey Froberg, Viz Video
producer Toshifumi Yoshida, The Right Stuf producer Jeff Thompson; Sean Carolan
& Jenn Moore, writers for the Power Puff Girls comic, and actor Michael

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