Friday, January 4, 2002

so i’m snowed in a
foot of snow here.  i went to my dads and helped shovel out the driveway so
someone could drive out.  tomorrow we will work on my driveway.  i
have no where i have to go, cept just one minor detail.  mercy and i have a
gig tomorrow night.  all the equipment is in my house.  i’m not sure
how we’re going to do this but we will give it a go and attempt to load up the
vehicle with speakers and equipment and amps and the like.  the show must
go on, right?  and we need to do it so people will have something to do on
a cold saturday night.  hey, what are you doing on a cold saturday night?
nothing, i knew it.  you are all losers like me.  so come to philly
bistro in wake forest and watch me and mercy, show starts at 7pm January 5th.

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