Sunday, January 13, 2002

News is that I
decided tonight to do something i could do in about an hour.  I have a
small lyric in my head i want to put to a song, but I didn’t think i could write
the full song.  I thought of making a map for UT, but decided i couldn’t do
that in an hour.  I thought of making a song and decided against that too.
so i thought i would write on this web site and explain why I couldn’t do what i
wanted to do in an hour for an hour, but then i realized the irony is that i
would have wasted an hour writing about how i couldn’t do something in an hour
which i would have ended up doing something anyway either way.  sure.
so I wrote a song.  get it under the music link.  jazzy style,
and very short and simple, but its pretty neat I think.  I worked all
weekend recording Mercy’s show from last Saturday into my computer and making
CD’s.  I’m trying to figure out a way to record in real time on site and
burn the cd’s there and sell them.  wouldn’t that be neat?  and I
found a bunch of other karaoke equipment that i may be interested in to fill the
gaps between shows and offer a mobile karaoke service.  i think it would be
neato.  i love music and it’s what i want to end up doing anyway so i need
to do something useful in my life.  aww. i had a new addition to my
loneliness page tonight, but i forgot it.  however, it assumes a new one
anyway, and that is that you have a loneliness page in the first place.

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