Thursday, January 31, 2002

Ok, my goal in
life has been achieved.  (well, one of them anyway) something that i’ve
worked so hard for has finally happened, and i’m just ecstatic over it!
the wonderful stile actually read an
e-mail i sent him and he found it so amusing he
posted it on his new site!
AHAAHAHAHA it’s so freaking funny.  It all started when a few days ago i
got one of the freakiest e-mails i’ve ever recieved.
 check out the link
to read the e-mail.  When i read it, i knew it was right down stile’s alley
and immediately forwared it off to him.  it’s cool that i know stile
actually read an e-mail and that he actually took the time to go through it and
post it on his cool site! anyway… check it out, even some people are
commenting on it and it’s currently ranked the #1 article in the funny shit
category!  i only wish he would have linked my site! argh.. oh well at
least my e-mail is on it

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