Wednesday, March 6, 2002

It’s almost as if
we’re not meant to play this weekend.  Saturday, March 9th at 7pm is our
next show at Philly Bistro in wake forest.  I feel more unprepared this
show than i did my very first one.  some of you know, our last show, one of
my cd players died only about 3 songs into the night. i’ve been unsuccessful at
getting it repaired (Best Buy sucks!!!!!!!!) .  but thanks to my elite
skillz and what not, no one ever noticed and the show went on.  well,
during a small recording session with Mercy here last sunday night, my second cd
player died.  one week before show time.  luckily, i had already
placed an order last week for a new dj dual cd player.  sooo.. i finally
receive my cd player tonight.  unpack it, hook it up in my new equipment
rack and one of the cd players in my new unit is broke!!!  Its actually a
dual cd player, so i was able to use the other one and try it out.  it is
very neato.  but i really would like to have the second cd player to play
with.  so… the rush is on to get a new unit in.  i’m not sure how
we’re going to transport everything this time.  last show, we got mercy’s
n-laws Chevy Tahoe and filled it up, this show we wont have that.  we dont
like using my step moms truck.  we’ll probably rent a van.  then
again, i’m thinking of hiring someone that has a truck or van or something to
help load and unload and load and unload again and take us to and from.
anyone up for it?  We’ll pay something too!  maybe 40 or so bucks.
come on, easy money.  arghhh.. I’m not old enough to rent a cargo van.
you have to be 25.  i’ll be 25 this July.  mercy can get it, its just
a pain to have to get both of us together and go get something.  Saturday
is always packed.  i wake up early, setup all the equipment in my living
room, she comes over, we practice, she leaves and gets ready, i secure a
vehicle, load everything into it and get ready myself.  then we got to go
and unpack there and setup and all.  then it’s on!!  it’s way fun, but
it does have some headaches.  Anyway, the show must go on and maybe we’ll
have to tie everything onto some rolling cart and drag it behind my car.
so meet us there!!  You’re not doing anything saturday anyway. i know you.
Philly Bistro, downtown Wake Forest, NC.  March 9th, 7:00pm – 10:00pm.

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