Sunday, March 17, 2002

So the show last
night was a success.  it was a more mellow one than usual.  the owner
of the club asked us not to play so loud.  after the show, we were invited
back on the 13 of april.  we’re going to look for some other places to play
too.  angus junction in Louisburg is our next attempt to get into.
i’m going to have to setup some kind of mailing list or something for our fans
to subscribe to.  then we can send out where we’re going to be and stuff
like that.  i’ve already gotten a few who want more info.  for more
information on the local music scene, why not check out  lots of
good info there, gig listings and stuff like that.  oooo check out what i
just did.  created a group on yahoo for us.  put in your email address
and subscibe to our group.  you’ll get info on where we are playing next
and things like that through your email.

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ok, so i just made some instant mashed potatoes.  i’ve always hated instant
stuff, it’s so nasty looking.  i just don’t understand how it’s possible to
create potatoes from water and some white paste.  well, it’s about supper
time now, i’m going to check on my chicken i have in the crock pot and chow

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