March’s collection
of poetry is now available in the poetry section. enjoy. So how many idiots
believed the previous post? ha! it’s all true, except for the part
of me selling the site. anyway, Monday had to be one of the best april
fools day i’ve seen in a long time. want my awesome linking abilities to
shine through again? get ready for a long post here:

The technology behind Google’s great results

Napster Buys Microsoft, Plans to Sue Itself

Stealth P2P network hides inside Kazaa

MSN Delivers Another Brick in "the Wall"

Nintendo may cut GameCube’s price

High-profile anti-Unix site runs Unix

Electricity over IP

Binary Lexical Octet Ad-hoc Transport

Warcraft III drops another race, faces further delays

GameSpot reader launches Diablo fan site

Study on studies about games inconclusive

Duke Nukem Forever box woes

Sony hikes EverQuest rates higher

Do Programming Languages Affect Your Sexual Performance?

Games people shouldn’t play

Updated Slashdot Advertising Policy

Mac OS X Hidden Secrets Revealed

Rootkit Packaged for Debian

nVidia/AMD Merger Announced

The Moon is really made
of green cheese

Burger King changes it’s name to Chicken King

Finance Minister Paul Martin quits his job to breed Charolais cows

New Cigarette contains no nicotine and is not addictive

of course, here is
probabally the ultimate listing of April Fools’s day jokes

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