its how dreams are so
real and so unbelievable until the morning when you forget them. i
remember the highlights. and little details. together they make no
sense. told separately it makes even less sense. separately has a
rat in it. i drove from home far north to go on a road trip. i ended
up in canada. i stopped at a store i had been to before to get a drink.
in the back room of the store they had guitars and violins and different
stringed instruments i had never seen before. i chose my item to buy, but
i dont think it was a drink. i stepped up to the counter which sat in a
big square in the middle of the store. other people were talking with the
cashier in french and i tried to understand what they were saying but i didnt
know french in my dream. i paid for my item and got onto the bus. i
decided to sit in the very front. mind you, this was the very front of the
bus. like sitting on the very front of the speedboat. you know,
you’re actually in front of the driver. there was this railing and i was
small enough to fit there. so i did. another couple got on with me
there too. we rode in the front towards the ocean front. the road
kept going down and down and it got to be almost a roller coaster. we went
straight into the water. we fell out of the bus. there was this
plastic elastic tube that went deep into the water. we had to jump in and ride
it all the way down to who knows where. it was half full of water, you had
to force yourself up for air. we exited into a small building in the
bottom of the water. it was completely empty. just bare walls.
we wandered around in it trying to find something. we found nothing or i
dont remember finding anything. a previous was there. last night i
had a dream with a previous in-law. i’ve never been married. i’ve
been offered to be married by 4 people. i’ve considered 2. that was
a long time ago. where are they now?? never in a way that way one way
which way did i go away from? was it the beginning or before that?
did i ever run the race enough to say i didn’t finish? i once considered
trying out for track in high school. I’m lazy now. i get tired
running across my yard. loneliness is having to play Frisbee by yourself.
my grass needs mowing, i will mow it Sunday and then cook myself a nice supper
and watch the simpsons and x files as i eat dessert. i want to buy a bike
and start riding again. i used to ride all the time. i have a huge scar on
my knee where i had a wreck. hmm maybe it’s gone now. i don’t remember the
last time i really looked at it. i finally got my keyboard to work with
fruity loops. my stupid fault. i’ve been playing soundfonts with my
keyboard. i’m still no better than i was the last time i wasn’t any
better. i have a song i’m working on on the guitar i really like.
i’m listining ot chrono cross music right now. i went to mars music’s band
night out last night. give me a free t-shirt, free cd’s, free pizza and
drink and free music and you’ve just won a young single guys heart. i
talked with the editor of the arts section of the herald sun or something like
that. i bet i sound depressed. i’m actually rocking right now.
playing my DDR music. i have a wierd writing style. i write to
convey imagery and emotions and feelings and ideas. and i feel that my
writing style invokes that. tomorrow i’m going out with some friends for a
birthday gathering. i considered going on a road trip this weekend, but
i’m gonna hang out with my friends. i once went to a restaurant by myself
to sit down and eat because i liked this waitress. she wasn’t working that
night. i feel like i’m talking to myself.

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