no, i don’t know what the purpose of this site is for.  its not a web log. although i do post some interesting links (i’m really bored, i just might have to go on a cache hunt by myself if no one wants to join me) i find. its not a news site, I’m not going to mention anything about new york today. oops, there it went. it was originally to host all my poems and stories and music. which it does. but it also was meant to get me started writing again, and hence it has and hence this huge long page of nonsense you see here. problem is, this is the only place i write. so i have to throw my creativity here into what i once thought were pointless little posts. however, this in itself has evolved into a new medium for my
writing and has created a new form of its own. more similar to my ballads and observations works of before, which can be found under poems and stories on the links section. this is fiction. or is it non-fiction? anyway, it’s not real, but not all of it.
i wish i was artistic, and i would animate a flash movie of my dream last night. i can not possibly describe in words the imagery in my dreams, but since I’ve already peaked your curiosity, i will try. so me and the usual previous were in the theater watching some sort of resentation. when it was over, they started showing a bonus movie, on the wall behind us. so we had to turn around in our seats and look at the back wall where they had a huge theater screen and all setup. i turned in my seat, and propped my feet against its legs. after only a few moments i had to remove them out of unstoppable utter disgusting thoughts. i watched intently as the movie began to play. 3 monkeys appeared on the screen. they danced around waving their arms up and down and around and all the while
singing My friend the witch doctor told me what to do… they twirled around and waved their hands and arms and stuck out their tongues. everyone in the audience was bursting out laughing, and i couldn’t help but to be annoyed by my next door neighbor’s annoyingly childish laugh. the movie continued “My friend the witch doctor told me what to say…” and the monkeys singed and danced still. “And he said OOO EEE OOO AHH AHH TING TANG WADDA WADDA BING BANG” and twirled and so forth these 3 monkeys on this large screen. I rested my arm on the seat in front of me and just laid my head upon it in utter disbelief. and they continued at the slightly different tempo of the same line again…”OOO EEE OOO AHH AHH TING TANG WADDA WADDA BING BANG” is this sort of thing necessary in my life?

my favorite quote of today is: There’s a fine line between those that think they know everything and are afraid of nothing and those that are stupid and don’t understand everything they are afraid of.

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