Thursday, May 2, 2002

so my cat just stank
it up one time and i had to break out the Lysol spray.  i wonder how much
companies pay microsoft to put them in their spell checkers so that you know to
capitalize them.  last weekend, i went on one of my yearly trips to busch
gardens.  hopefully one of several this year since i have a season pass.
was great as usual, but the crowds i dont like.  i want to go on a weekday
next time so there wont be so many people hopefully.  it still stinks.
maybe that’ll help.  now it’s time for my randomlies.  i have a cd
close to me that is facing the opposite direction i remember placing it in.
argh, i need something wierd to say. hmm i’m hard pressed for random thoughts
now worth writing.  whats wrong with me?  usually i can fill up this
whole screen with crap.  not that i’m not thinking thoughts.  but they
arent interesting enough.  i need a haircut.  i went to work today.
i went out last night to see a band but there was no band there.  am i part
of a band?   i need to place my order tomorrow for my speakers.
our next show is may 11.  i need to add some people to our mailing list.
i remixed a song for mercy last night.  i got home at 11:30 last night.
i stayed up till 1 talking (hi mere) and working on that song.  she’s gonna
sing to it in a wedding this weekend.  see, none of this is interesting.
maybe it’s because i already know it.  i went grocery shopping tonight.
i want some ice cream for desert.  a group of mexicans came to my house
last night, got me to come outside, pointed a gun to my head and demanded money.
i asked how much, he said he didn’t know, maybe 20 bucks.  i gave him 25.
someone drove by and saw these strange men in my yard and called the cops.
they came and took them away.  good thing this was all a dream.  i
want ice cream.  i have attention deficit disorder.  or  i have a
bad memory.  i palindrome i.  i wore my mars bands night out t-shirt
to work today.  why is this web page so one sided?  why dont you write
something?  why dont you give me ideas of something to do with this page.
is this what you enjoy reading? i won a dollar in the lottery.  i have
forgotten about my ice cream.

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