Thursday, May 23, 2002

i know, i haven’t
finished my last con report argh………i will one day i promise.  maybe.
ok maybe not 😉  anyway, i bough a digital camera today for the animazement
con this weekend.  this way i dont have to get them developed into the cd’s
like i had to do for nekocon.  that was very expensive.  i’m ashamed
to say how much money i spent on that.  but they did turn out really nice.
i’m charging my batteries up now so i can play with it.  our show last
night was great.  They want us back.  Every week.  sweet.
Thanks to Joy and Maria for showing up and supporting me and Mercy!  Glad
you guys enjoyed it.  i’ll write here and on our mailing list if we are for
sure to come next week.  if you’re not on the mailing list you should be.
go to and search for the group singermercy and subscribe to it!
do it!!  14 people on it now!  good job!  my camera can take
almost a thousand pics on a 128mb card.

look at a pic i
took of my baby

maybe i can actually put something under
that pictures link now 😉  ahh ok.  alrighyt.  so so.
there.  i need to sleep early tonight.  havent been getting enough of
that recently.  i’ve become slack on correctign spelling here.  can
you tell?  i just want to get my words out.  you can figure it out.

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