Wednesday, May 29, 2002

so ok lets try that

9:53 pm – so here goes again.  cept i lost my
train of thought.
how many things can i not consider once its set in motion?  why did

i have to wonder
if it would be or not to be.  but its better to find
out and be disappointed than to wonder and not know
the truth.  where will the
music take me tonight?  i
didn’t use a map
the last trip i made.  i dont remember the last trip i made.  i got my
cd burning computer working again today.  now i need to network it to this
computer so i dont have to
keep switching hard drives.  but that is still faster.  someone
beat me to it  gesh, i’m so
tired i might go to bed now.  night @10:30 pm

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