Tuesday, July 2, 2002

Here is a great
compilation of Google’s
various logos they magically insert every so often just to see if
anyone’s paying attention.  Did
you know Google had a process even before
It was called MentalPlex
and could predict your search query to give you better results.

Want to see my latest purchase?  Yes, an

Ayumi album. 
Heard it’s really good.

our country is
screwed up
.  we are not united in anyway.  Recently a high court
made the pledge of allegiance unconstitutional or something like that.
Now, a student has been punished in another part of our country for
to recite the pledge of allegiance.

Hhahaha a joke
from a user on kuro5hin
k5’s plea for money
earlier.  of course, the references to the circus chicken hypnotizer
are real.  if you didn’t find that news article in yesterday’s post then
you’re a loser already.

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