Tuesday, July 9, 2002

I now know what burnt
soupy lasagna tastes like.  and smells like.  and is like to clean out
of a burnt pan.  naked.  with hot oil .  having an audience.
outside.  listening to
virgill on the
loudspeakers.   my god elements rocks it.  5 years ago maybe take
a 5 or so, i saw a tape in one of the tape holder thingies sitting beside the
cash register at a gas station.  I didn’t have the money to buy what I saw,
for i would have bought it then.  I passed it up, and would get it the next
time i came by.  it wasn’t there.  it wasn’t there then, or the next
time or the next.  it wasn’t at that station, or that one, or that one or
this one.  i honestly kept my eye out for years looking for said tape
again.  everywhere i went that had one of these displays.  today, i
finally found it.  at a gas station that is no more than 10 miles from my
house, that i’ve only been to no more than 5 times in my entire life.
there it was.  Steven
  so of course i picked it up and listened to the whole thing
already.  absolutely hilarious.  it’s a recording of a show he did in
some club years ago.  brilliant stuff this guy.  weirdo.  i adore
him.  i try to be funny sometimes, but my jokes end up more involved than
his.  and spontaneous.  and perverted.  and naked.  and i
don’t have an audience.  outside.  the grass is littered with hot oil.
there are lots of elemental rocks lying around.  lay.  lye.  lie.
low.  am i boring you?  good!  excuse me.  *burp* its about
that time.  i once wrote about a 5 page document without any paragraph
breaks.  I have received a They Might Be Giants t-shirt and the new NO! cd.
I have the DVD U-571 which i watched tonight.  I have Ayumi Hamasaki’s cd I
mentioned the last time.  I have some other things i dont remember. i
bought a bag of cracker jacks even. just so i would have some presents for my
birthday.  (the toy inside the craker jacks)   today i went to
staples.  i bought some things.  i bought notebooks and i bought a pc
game, warcraft 2 battle.net edition.  sweet.  the lady at the counter
asked if i shoudl be playing my games or doing my school work.  i told her
i didn’t go to school.  she gave me the evil eye.  i said serious.
she said come on.  i said guess my age.  she said 16.  i showed
her my brand new driver’s license.  she said it was fake.  i showed
her the hologram.  she said i could make that on the computer.  i paid
with my credit card.  she asked if i get carded at bars, i said i rarely
drink.  i told her i get carded at movie theaters.  she said not
around here, they don’t care here.  which is true.  i used to go to r
rated movies when i was in middle school.  cept i had no middle school,
only elementary and high.  ahh well.   (btw, my b-day was July 5,
I’m 25 now)  the theater in Louisburg has this nice retro feel to it.
which it is.  especially the lower theater.  i don’t know if it still
does, but it used to have a small arcade room on the 2nd floor.  i spent
lots of time in there before.  i once went to a movie there where me and my
friend were the last 2 people they let in, it sold out.  i think it was
Ghostbusters 2.  or maybe 1.  but prob 2.  it seems like i was
offered to just go there one time and make out with some girl, but now i can’t
remember who.  ah those were the days eheeh.  i block out old things i
don’t like.  like old girlfriends.  i give them names sometimes.
only 2 have names.  one more has a name just because its fun.  but the
other 2 because we parted on bad terms.  but then maybe a bad term to me is
me not initiating it.  crack the riddle in my poetries and you’ll hear all
the details.  my cat ran outside yesterday.  i dont know if i’ll let
him back in.  its the third time in about 2 weeks.  i love him to
death, but i cant deal with the bugs he brings back inside.  i even give
him baths in flea and tick shampoo.  dont ask why i’m writing this.
ask why you’re reading it.  www.fark.net
www.wired.com  did you know you can
access my website through
?    did you know i also own
don’t ask.

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