Sunday, July 20, 2003

and thats not all.
is this a journal site or a link site?  should i post my personal things,
or interesting links i find?  the internet is the linkage of cool stuff to
other cool stuff.  so first, a brief linkage feature. bush lied about the
war.  we did it
just so
we could get the oil fields
.  it was denied by all the administration
this go around that we did not purposely set oil fires in the last war.
here’s proof
.  listening to the opponents, saddam was a good man. we
should of let him stay in power.  bush lied to everyone to convince us to
go for it.
proof otherwise.
  The BBC admits the guy that was found dead recently
was thier informant for weapons and he probably did embellish his stories.
but thats ok, says blair.
will forgive us.
  but things are just great in post war iraq.
here’s proof on that too.
in other worldly news,

france has banned email
south korea says its not
, others who read alternative
knows otherwise

I realize i’ll be cancer free
.  things can always be

new and improved

July 5 was my big two six.  i hosted a
pool party which seems to be a favorite among my friends.  glad everyone
enjoyed it.  for my birthday, my mom wanted to take me out to eat.
but we couldnt go until last thursday.  it was my choice of where to go.
and when I found out Alysson Light was
playing at the six string again i
promptly made up my mind.  But first up, was a singer i hadnt heard before,
the wonderful Lisa Ray.  I enjoyed it
enough to buy the CD, which she gladly signed for me.  Thanks Lisa.  I
also pre-ordered Alysson’s new cd, which was supposed to have been able to sell
thursday, but wasn’t quite ready yet.  Both artists are Tori Amos fans,
playing regularly at the tribute concert held in Carrboro every year.  And i
was treated to several of her songs done by both artists.  including a
particular interesting version of Winter, in Japanese by Lisa!  A great
tribute to her work, i’m anxious to see Tori again in concert.

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