Tuesday, July 23, 2002

I hope it’s ok.
I don’t mind ads as long as it doesn’t distract from what your viewing.  I
put a Amazon link on the left side there with the latest DVD movies that have
been released.  I also have a link on the left that right now says Buy from
me!  I may change that, cuz you’re not buying from me.  Although i do
have things for sale.  that will come later.  anyway, click on the buy
from me and it will take you to a link for the wonderful Lik-Sang company.
These guys have tons of crap for video game systems, and general electronicy
stuff.  enjoy.  I buy all my console cables from these guys, they are
extremely cheap and have things you can’t find anywhere else.  promise.
i thought a simple S-Video switch box would be easy to find.  sure, i found
some for like a few hundred dollars.  the one i got from Lik-Sang was only
like 15 bucks or something.  I’ve already received it and it works
absolutely perfect.  I also bought S-Video cables for my Dreamcast and N64.
Now i can use the switch box to go between my consoles and my DVD player.
sweeet.     Amazon.com has almost every movie you could
possibly want.  If it’s not in the newly released list on the front page
here, go to my Buy From Me link and simply search on WHATEVER thing you’re
looking for.  Books, movies, music, whatever.  i dont care.  just
search for it from my site and i will love you.  also, the pretty pic of
Osama his mamma up top announcing  his gayness is not just a pretty pic.
It actually goes to T-Shirt Hell.  This site has all sorts of great
t-shirts that you really won’t find anywhere else.  funny funny stuff.
I dropped a lot of the other stupid ads that were at the very top of my page.
I only left a few.  I will also put up a section for all the online dating
places there are.  there are a ton of them and speaking from experience,
the same people aren’t on all the sites.  so if you are single and
interested in meeting someone online, or you aren’t single and are still looking
to meet someone online for whatever purpose you may have, sign up with all the
sites you can.  get your ad out.  let people see your pathetic face,
and listen to you egostatistically hype your fake personality up so you can get
a girl (or guy).  be truthful in these things.  if you are an ass, say
you’re an ass.  you’ll be happier to meet a fellow ass than to meet someone
who mistook you for something you think will get you responses.

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