Tuesday, July 30, 2002

here’s another
cosplay link.  here’s some
good art work.  My good friend Marty
sent me some info about the snakehead fish.  it’s this massive fish
originally from asia.  It grows up to 3 feet long, and as an adult can
swallow other fish it’s same size due to it’s large head.  It even eats
small mammals, meaning maybe a squirrel or something.  their main diet is
crayfish.  but what’s so freaky about these things is some of them can use
their large fins to walk out of the water, and stay out for 3 days!
They’ll go on the prowl, or move to a new water source.   earliest
report i see for these on cnn is on july 5.  hmm, my birthday 😉  and
for some strange reason, the
has been removed.  the next article on CNN is
here on
July 20, 2002.  however, during my research the fish was first recorded on
October 5, 2000.  Here’s the best

on this fish i’ve found.  watch out! and yes, Marty, it’s not
just in Maryland, they’ve been officially found in six other states: Hawaii,
Florida, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  NC isn’t
listed there, but i wouldn’t be surprised what we have in our backyards!  a
place where we’ve communicated with aliens, heard nonexistent people, and other
strange unexplainable phenomena have occurred. While researching, i discovered
this great article of Chen who illegally immigrated from China.  It’s an
another blog.

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