Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I started this
web site over a year ago.  I keep all my writings that have been on the
site.  Today, what more can I do for you than to relive that moment.
The night on 2001, September 11 and into the morning of 12th and a bit
thereafter, i lurched on IRC where i found tons and tons of people providing
info on the events.  I logged all the chats during that time, and this
glimpse of time on this one particular IRC channel provides insight to what was
going on during that time.  no one knew anything, it was all speculation.
rumors.  eye witness reports.  in these chat’s you’ll find links to
just then taken collections of photographs, movies, message board threads.
all sorts of things. for the first time, (i think)  i’m posting them here.
I heard the news that morning while at work.  I was on the phone with a
customer who mentioned that two planes had just crashed into the towers.  I
honestly thought they were joking.  She swore she was watching it on TV.
Now, mind you, I work at an internet company.  We have 2 T1 lines into our
office.  I can download 150kbps on my workstation there.  But almost
all throughout the day, NO news website would even come up.  Occasionally,
CNN or Foxnews would come up. and show a headline or something then be cut off.
It’s ironic that we should be a source of information, yet we had absolutely
none.  We heard more from personal phone calls and regular radio than any
other method.  i came home that night and watched the videos on TV.  i
cant describe my feelings to you.  but i knew that i wanted to do
something.  and then here sits my own little soap box.  That night, i
sat on IRC, browsed all the web sites, did everything i could and as i found out
something new, i’d add it to the news post and save the page.  i bet i
saved my page about 50 times that night.  I had no idea i would create such
a huge post about the whole thing.  but i felt like i had something i could
do to contribute, so here goes.  ok, enough of that.   Here is an
exact copy of the news that I posted for September 11, 2001.  Some of the
links probably no longer work. but i have tried a few of them and some still do
work.  enjoy

i’d love to hear from ya


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