Wednesday, October 9, 2002

I know some of
the readers here are Escher
fans.  Maybe you’ll find this guy interesting, he built ‘sculptures’ of
some of Escher’s works, and took pictures of them on his site.  Normal,
however these are made of Lego’s!
check it out.
He has some other interesting pieces he’s built too.  speaking of Lego’s,
some guy has some nifty
he’s made too.

I have ghosts in my house.  I have proof now.  I come
home tonight and see my usual

kitchen mess. 
Upon closer inspection, I see my
name written
on the
counter top!
If you cant tell, it’s my name like backwards or something.
I have absolutely no clue how it got there.  I have found things fallen off
shelves before.  Not so unusual. But, I have a

Rinoa Heartily
figure on my shelf above the computer.  The figure is
supported pretty securely by a plastic base that her feet clip into.  Well,
I’ve come home twice to find the figure on the floor, yet the base is still on
the shelf.  I’ve come home, and found a small chicken plush toy that was on
my top bookcase shelf on the floor.  Nothing else fell off the shelf.
I put it back on the shelf, and the next night, it was on the floor again!

speaking of psycho, my friends tell me i need to see a shrink.
i mean, not just general acquaintances, but my close friends.  Now, i try
to be odd in general.  I like to make people think about things they
wouldn’t normally think of.  But does that mean i need to be examined?
The most psychotic thing that I’ve done recently happened just a few weeks ago.
I came home, and as always my fat cat came up to me and rubbed against me.
I picked him up, looked him in the eye and said to myself this isn’t my cat.
I looked at him pretty hard, and i came to the real conclusion the feline i held
in my hands was not my cat.  He had been replaced.  This cat LOOKED
like my cat, but it wasn’t him.  I put him down and he continued to rub
against me and walk around in circles and meow, and i couldn’t help to wonder
how this cat got here.  Time passed (it took several days) and i have since
gotten over it.  i think. but i still look at him cautiously.  reminds
me of a show i saw on PBS where this guy had some sort of problem in his brain.
The things he saw were not relating to his emotional side of his brain.
For instance, he would visit his mother, and swear it wasn’t his mother.
She’s a fake.  He would hear her on the phone however, and know it was her.
Because he wasn’t seeing her.  just hearing.  maybe that’s me.  I
mean, i know my mom.  I sometimes know my cat.  But, maybe it’s just
me, but i seem to lack emotion sometimes.  to put it another way, i let
things go in one ear and out the other.  in one eye and out the back of the
head.  I’m very forgetful.  don’t take things seriously.  is that

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