Tuesday, October 15, 2002

I know you’ve
done this to me.  I know you have given me carpel tunnel syndrome in an
attempt to silence me here.  but as you can see it’s not working.  I
don’t care that you take my cat and replace him, i don’t care that you send
ghosts to write messages to me in my counter tops.  I don’t care that you
took my alien baby from me years ago after turning me into an alien woman and
having your way with me.  but, it hurts to write about my complaints.
Maybe if you get me to write enough, i wont be able to write anymore.
luckily, i can still whack it.  and you should join the cause too.
if not that, i could go to McDonalds and look up some
porn on their
.  Talk about a new meaning for happy meals.  Such a
simple solution for a complex problem.  If this is true, and come on, it’s

so it has to be, why hasn’t everyone heard of this?

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