Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I can get picky
about certain things.  I can get angered, threatened, and vigilant about
things too.  And after all, isn’t that why i have this little soap box
here?  I’ve ranted in the past, and I’m going to rant now.  because
I’ve read
that pisses me off.  you may not want to read this.  it
probably wont interest you.  so check back another time.  or if I’m
feeling up to it, later in today’s post.  but some of you like to read my
rants just cuz you think they’re funny.  well, come on, this isn’t a college
thesis.  I’m here to entertain.  but i’m a protest of 1.  I’m an
army of 1.  i’m a master of my domain.  but i’m hoping my rant will be
seen by someone that it will interest.
Nancy Carter
inter.net cyberia lawyer Canada RFC bounced
message e-mail dispute

the gist of it is that Nancy Carter, a lady who doesn’t even
know what a
bounced message or RFC
is, has decided to take it upon herself to force
isp’s to change the way they manage e-mail. there are so many things wrong with
this woman’s arguments i’ll have to take them a sentence at a time.
could this be the first instance of
her complaints?
  college essay writer I’m not.  of course, it’s
easy to say isp’s have to change they way they handle email.  smart people
realize isp’s don’t handle e-mail in regards to the way she’s talking.
that’s the job of the mail server.  she needs to take her frivolous lawsuit
to the hundreds of companies that write mail server software.  there is no
person sitting at some terminal at each isp that looks to be sure your account
is up to date and that your mail is properly handled.  there is no person
that goes in and deletes your email when you cancel your account.  there is
no person who closes your email when you dont pay your bill.  it’s all done
in software.  automagically.  dumb asses like nancy carter should
realize that #1 you pay your bill.  #2 if you find an error in your bill in
your favor, you are not free from the charges.  #3 if you dont pay your
bill your service will be cut off.  what do you think will happen when your
service is cut off?  you cant use the service!!  what happens when you
dont pay the phone bill?  they cut off your phone.  what happens when
they cut off your phone? You DONT RECEIVE PHONE CALLS.  does the phone
company take a message for you? no.  does the phone company forward the
call to your new number? no.  if you don’t receive a phone call because you
haven’t paid your bill  and the phone call was to tell you that you won the
lottery, would you sue the phone company for loss of income?  why anyone
would expect email to work any different is beyond me.

I’ll give Nancy this.  Inter.net should have bounced
messages back to the sender if the account was closed.  whether it was
because of non payment or cancellation doesn’t matter.  as far as the mail
server is concerned, it is closed.  i don’t know why they would have kept
the email account open, unless it was by mistake.  should they of held
messages because she didn’t pay?  probably.  what’s an analogy?
I’ve ordered 10 pumperknickels 1 to be delivered to me each day for the next 10
days.  they accidentally send me 10 a day instead of 1, still charging for
1 only. the next to the last day, i say, well damn, i’ve got all these
pumperknickels, what am i going to do?  I know, i’ll sell them all for a
huge profit, i’ll get my next 10 tomorrow and i can sell them to my original
buyers.  next day, vendor realizes this, doesn’t send you the last 10, and
charges you for the 90 you’ve got, or demand return of the extra 90 you’ve got.
you dont have the 90 anymore.  you dont even have 10 to sell to your
original buyers.  so you tell vendor screw you, i’m not paying but half of
what i owe, and i demand the other 10 right now.  what the hell kind of
sense does that make?

I honestly try to be a fair person.  I try not to take
advantage of the system.  Not to bully anyone.  I like to look out for
the underdog.  just cuz.  in my little click of friends, we are all
underdogs.  a bunch of losers with parent who aren’t rich, who’s idea of
fun isn’t dressing in ambercombie and going to the soccer game and who doesn’t
get things done by bribing others with monetary donations or by technicality
lawsuits.  common sense, honor, and the want to just do the right thing
should always prevail, damnit.  Nancy Carter talks of the lawsuit against
her from Inter.net as exceeding and unnecessary; while she’s suing them for
$110,000 because she didn’t pay her bill and her emails are blocked?

I know you want to e-mail her and let her know what you think.  i’m so
kind.  I found 2 other than her old inter.net address,
and nancar@SYMPATICO.CA

For the other readers who were expecting something funny, check this link
of a flying

I know you want to
email me too and sue me for
defamation and all sorts of crap. i’m lonely, i’ll welcome your emails.
even if they do bounce

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