Monday, November 4, 2002

Its all a matter
of time.  just be patient. War doesn’t have to be the answer to world
conflicts.  But no one can come up with a plan that the trigger happy
people of the us of a  can accept.  Instant gratification can only be
served by killing the enemy.  But it is a short term solution.  If it
was a long term solution, they why is there still world conflict?  Well,
finally something that makes some sense, here’s it at ya.
courtesy of
.  and for that instant gratification part of you,
ya go
  Yea, i’ve

been here
.    and it’s
news to me too.
And i thought you said
wasn’t a slut?

overstepped their bounds
.  I wish to bring back the days of the
wonderful Mayola chocolate milk in school.    are YOU on
his hate
    If we can get it on

Ebay, why can’t
some rich terrorist?  Talk about an , grats!
ehehhe – maybe i could
actually meet someone here…   This lady

gets her revenge
  You just never hear about follow-ups
anymore.   Pretty place, but i wouldn’t
drink the water.
How can a firefighter for 20 years
have never climbed
a ladder anyway?
kick butt!

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