Wednesday, November 20, 2002

devastating black hole
is headed in Earths direction.
The Pope declares
himself immortal.  Thieves try to

sell stolen goods
back to original owner.
A neato picture.

Downloading copyrighted or otherwise restricted music that you
don’t own is illegal.  I like to download music from my favorite artists
(and unknown) so i know what cd to buy that i’ll like the most songs on.
I’ve bought more cd’s this year than i have in the past 5 years i bet.  I
want to raise a question to my audience.  is downloading copyrighted porn
illegal?  Is downloading copyrighted porn immoral?  porn in itself is
immoral.  having sex outside of love is wrong.  so if i copy or
download a porn that i should have paid for, is that so wrong?

recently bought warcraft 3.  and i’m going to play it.  a lot.
it’s going to take up all my time.  and there’s not a thing you can do
about it.

Sunday, November 17, 2002 – 11:10 pm – hi.  i slept
all weekend.  now i’m like wide awake.  nothing new to say here.
sorry.  so i’ll just blab.  blab blab.  i’ve been playing final
fantasy legend on gameboy.  i’ve almost beat it.  it will be the 3rd
time i’ve beaten this game.  2wice was on the real gameboy.  years and
years ago.  now, i’m playing it on my dreamcast using an emulator.
playing these games on my big screen tv is really cool.  i dont want to
give away any secrets.  a secret isn’t a secret when you tell someone.
i have secrets.  i have things i wish were secrets.  i have secrets i
wish i didn’t have, and i have things that are secrets just for the purpose of
me saying i have a secret.  i dont trust anyone to know my secrets.
it can take me hours just to type up one paragraph here.  it’s already been
15 minutes so far this one.  i’m not inspired right now.  too many
projects loom in my mind.  i’m one to start many things, but never finish
one of them.  this web site isn’t even finished.  its been over a year
since i’ve had it.  of course, a work like this can’t ever really be
finished.  at some point, all the creative work in the world will have come
to an end.  at some point, everything that could be created will have been
created.  every song, every story, every piece of art.  what will
humans do in a few million years when the sun explodes?  the earth will be
no more.  consider that?  our children will have to have a new place
already established and thriving to continue life.  you think there will be
people who stay behind because they dont want to leave their home?  like
the freaks who dont leave home during a hurricane?  we always are searching
for radio signals from aliens to see if we can detect any.  i am a member
of the seti project.  search for extra terreristals.  i think we
should stop looking for their signals and start sending our signals on our own.
for the purpose of making contact.  as far as i know, i dont think there
are any massive attempts at such.  i just sent a picture of our last big
snow storm to a friend in the phillipines.  she’s never seen snow in real
life.  she can’t quite grasp the concept of being stuck in the house for
days and not being able to go out.  ahh well.  maybe it’ll snow soon.
i remember our last big snow happened on Thursday i think.  saturday i had
a gig.  luckily i got ahold of my step moms truck blazer thing.
luckily my dad came and plowed out my driveway.  the gig was a go and it
was actually a good turnout.  ahh well.  no plans right now for a next
gig.  i’ll let you know when.

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