Tuesday, November 26, 2002

so I saw the new
James Bond movie last night, Die Another Day.  Awesomely perfect.  I
watched 15 minutes of previews.  then they showed the little pre game show
where they tell you how to leave in case the building catches on fire.  I
was ready for the dun dun da dun da when they showed TWO more previews!
everyone laughed.  Madonna’s song rocks too.  I’m also listening to
the new Mitsubishi commercial’s song, Just Breathe.  by Telepopmusik.
also awesomeness.  there’s an extremely calming feeling when you’re in the
mens room by yourself.  just walk on in, you can even start whipping it out
before you get there.  Relax standing there, you can stand just as far back
as it’ll flow.  You don’t mind farting, burping, scratching yourself.
But, there’s an extreme sense of awkwardness when you walk into the bathroom and
look at a wall of 3 urinals and you see one guy on both sides.  There’s
just as odd uneasiness when you’re there alone doing your chores and another
walks in.  you must cover up, move closer, try not to touch it with your
tip,  turn slightly away from him, and take your stance.   Wonder
if the other guy is watching, wondering why you’re wondering if the other guy
may be watching.  a pin could drop in a room like that and the whole room
would hear it.  and you stand there and shake it off and wonder if you look
silly.  carefully listening to the other to be sure you both don’t head for
the sinks at the same time.  trying to beat the other guy who came in after
you cuz you were there first, so you should finish first.  if you didn’t
finish first, then what were you doing?

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