Wednesday, January 8, 2003

So, there’s
this great band called Down By
appearing at The Cave on
February 7th 2003.  My good friend
Pretzelboy is in the band.
Be sure to pay them a visit!  Speaking of upcoming shows, don’t forget
Groovelily is coming to
The Six String Cafe and Music Hall
January 30, 2003.    I hope
those links work, my internet’s running slow right now.  maybe because i’m
downloading a bunch of stuff.  Speaking of downloading a bunch of stuff,
want to see what i’m downloading?  Today I found
great Chinese site
with pics from cosplay’s there.  What is cosplay?
People dressing up and playing the role of a character from usually an anime
series or video game.  This is usually done at anime conventions.
Anime usually coming from Japan, this site is in China.  However, in the
background I noticed the Tokyo Dome.  That’s where some great artists like
Ayumi Hamasaki have performed huge concerts.  Anyway, they also have some
great wallpapers and music from different games and series if your adventurous
enough to navigate the site without knowing the language.  If you think
that kind of stuff doesn’t happen here, think again.  Check out my links to
Con Reports.  Right now it’s located on the left hand side of the screen.
It’s got pictures i’ve taken from the local cons i’ve been to.  Next one
extremely local to me is Animazement,
in Durham, North Carolina from May 23 to May 25 2003.  These events are
24/7 so be sure to get a 3 day pass and a hotel room.

In other
news, I received an Xbox for Christmas from my Mom.  Thanks mom.  and
the other day, i finally went out and bought my first game.  Shenmue II.
When I received the first Shenmue on Dreamcast, it was a new experience.
It really throws you into this other world.  It’s so realistic and
realistic doesn’t have to mean only graphically you unimaginative fools.
You can conversate with anyone.  yes, i meant to say conversate.  You
can go anywhere, enter any store.  Buy something.  doesn’t matter.
It was such a great game that I began to have dreams about it.  I was
there, in that world.  I was Ryo for a while.  and what i wouldn’t
give to kick Ryo in the balls and tell him to ask Nazomi out.   its
obvious they like each other.  She’s extremely interested, but he just
blows her off.  he’s not apparent at all, until the very end – if you call
Nazomi just before she leaves town, he almost spills the beans.  Anyway,
Shenmue II takes the step much further.  You enter into this new world,
(you’ve just arrived in Hong  Kong) and there are so many people there.
You exit the boat and can wander the harbor, the streets and what not.
Talk to anyone.  See anything.  So much going on.   People
say the game is no better on Xbox than on the Dreamcast version and that’s just
crazy.  Even though the Dreamcast Shenmue I was very technologically sound,
it was a step above what had been done on any console before.  Yu Suzuki
said that the game was really an experiment.  To create a new style of
game.  Put you in this world and let you go.  Live it. Walking the
streets of Shenmue II there is sooo much to see.  the shops are incredibly
detailed.  Even the signs and banners above the streets are polygonaly
amazing.  And moving 30 or so people around on the screen at once is no
small challenge.  Anyway, point is Shenmue II is awesome.  Get it.
Watch the DVD movie of Shenmue I if you didn’t play it or you will really be
lost.  Not too bad, but it wont make a whole lot of sense.  Besides,
props to Yu Suzuki, quoting here from Gamespy:
“SEGA Chief Executive
Officer Yo (edit – i think it’s Yu not Yo) Suzuki will receive a Hall of Fame
award from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) during the 2003
D.I.C.E. Summit on February 27. Last year’s winner Will Wright of Maxis (edit –
Sim City hall of fame) will present the award to Suzuki, who has “not only
created some of the best video games in the world, but he has also helped
enhance awareness and appreciation of this interactive art form,” according to
AIAS President Paul Provenzano. The industry veteran is best known for the games
Outrun, Space Harrier, Shenmue, and the Virtua Fighter

moving on.  what do you do otherwise?
when the realization sets in.

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