Friday, March 21, 2003

yes its late. this
cant continue forever.  i’ve been watching a convoy traveling across the
iraqi desert.  in real time.  via a videophone. yesterday, reporters
were told that there was not going to be any action last night.
intelligence changed and so did their plans.  apparently each news network
expects to have their flagship anchorman available at any given moment to show
on the screen.  too bad ABC dropped the ball and accidentally
let viewers see a black screen
for a few minutes last night. they also
complained that Peter Jennings already left for home that night so he was away
when all the other news stations had their associated news guys on the air. news
from drudge:  “Reconnaissance photographs: Iraqi artillery units
preparing to use chemical warfare shells" 
  keep an eye out.
Israel is asking some local web sites to
not report what they see
going on there.  One website i like to view is
debkafile.  this site was not
mentioned in the previous article.  People around the world are

protesting the war.
    apparently a huge storm is now
developing in Russia that will bring very terrible dust storms into Iraq in the
next 96 hours.  Within the next few hours, 20% of the republican guard is
expected to surrender.
Saddam has a
really big secret.
  sex is

no longer the current #1
most searched for term on the net.
important safety information from someone
important. have fun

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