Wednesday, May 21, 2003

i’ve had some sort of cold thing for a
week now.  i’m almost better, but not back to normal yet.  although
normal isnt quite here anyway, and here isn’t normally abnormal except for the
times i’m around, which is normal.  Just to continue the story, this past
weekend i buried 2 more dogs, and i buried 2 more last night.  my house is
not the place for a dog to have puppies apparently.   now, my yard is
full of graves and my house will be haunted.  in other news.  my tv
season is over.  maybe i can concentrate on other things during the time i
would normally be watching 24 and american idol and simpsons.  i’m trying
to gear up to write some more on my new web site.  i’m trying to write more
in general.  in fact, there will be a new poetry item posted tonight.
been on a slight roll as compared to previous months.  this coming weekend
animazement.  i’ll be there,
probably going friday night and back for saturday.  i want to see the music
video contest which runs friday night. they do a replay of it saturday during
the day, but i want to be sure i can take pictures and videos and attend some
classes too.  twill be fun.  as such, be prepared sometime in the near
future for me to update my con reports page with the new pics.

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