Sunday, May 25 2003

So I went straight from
work friday afternoon to Animazement.  As I walked into the door i was
immediately greeted by Scott, Dewee and TJ.  Pretty good timing considering
they didnt know i was coming friday night.  So i went to get registered and
went into the anime music video contest.  2 hours of fan created music
videos.  3rd place was Kingdom hearts, 2nd was i forget right now, but 1st
was the Yatta video. and i dunno if i spelled that right.  Took some
pictures and the like, and browsed around a bit.  We were going to the
dance, but considering it was supposed to start at midnight and at 12:30 it
still hadnt started, we decided to leave.  Came back saturday, did some
dealer room shopping, took lots of pictures.  Saw Arjuna in one of the
video rooms.  I’ve already seen it once, and decided to buy it, but i
wanted to see it on the big screen cuz it’s such a wonderful episode.  Hung
around and just had some fun, went to eat and came back for cosplay.  we
didnt wait in line, just waited around until the line finally did make it all
inside and then went in.  the guy saw i had a video camera and offered for
me to go up front with it and i said i’d be just as happy if he’d let me stand
against the back wall and that he did.  i got pretty much the entire
cosplay on tape, except for obvious nulls and tape and battery changes.
afterwards, we exited, and found a tv nearby that was showing the rewards part
of it, so we hung around there, especially because rikku, yuna and leena were
there and i got some good pictures of them.  then we observed some great
hackysacking in the hallways while we waited for the dance.  finally, that
started and me and scott joined in there.  we didnt dance although we did
join the conga line as it went around the dance floor.  i was disappointed
in the music they were playing, i was expecting it to be jpop but it was mostly
american music.  ahh well still cool.  i finally got home around 3
sunday morning or so.  i will spare you the details but i found another
dog, so i had to take care of him.  i then took a shower and went to bed.
i think it was daylight by then.  so mostly today i slept.  i’ve
messed around with some of the video i got.  i’ll make something out of it
sometime soon.  listening now to a new Ayumi Hamasaki CD i bought there,
Rainbow and its definitely pretty cool.  please check out my pictures i
took at the con!  click on the left to con reports and follow the link to
animazement 2003.  write me!

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