For the past few days, i’ve turned the site into a memorial page for my late good friend Marty Williams. In case you didnt know, marty had been battling Hodgkin’s disease for a good 6 or so years now. I received a phone call at work tuesday oct 7 at about 9:30 that i needed to come back to the hospital. So that i did, called who i could call, went to pick up my mom and scott and got to the hospital shortly thereafter. We come in and sit down in the already crowded room. and wait. and talked and said prayers and all sorts of things. and this woman who comes in, a black middle aged nurse leans over above marty and breaks out in prayer. o heavenly father we love you, o heavenly father, we love marty, o heavenly father take marty to a good place, o heavenly father we love you heavenly father, o heavenly father we pray for marty. for like 5 minutes. about everyone in the room is crying and i felt chills down my whole body during this procession. she slows down, and eventually quits, leaves the room and marty is still there hanging on. eventually, we all hold hands, about 25 of us, and we all say something to marty. i said something to the effect of There’s a lot of people in this room, and there’s a whole lot more people thats not here thats thinking of you and praying and rooting for you. me, scott, john and lisa took a lunch break together. and we had a good old time, as much as we could i guess. we came back to the room and sat there for a while. it was getting late, and we decided to leave the room save for a few people at a time. so that we did, i went downstairs with a bunch of people, and we sit there for a few minutes. Then Chasity comes running out the door, almost falling over and she tells us Marty has passed on. Official time was 7:55 pm. so we all go back into the room and see marty there, motionless. and we have a seat. and we sit there and talk for like 30 minutes. and it was almost comforting. even though we’re 3 feet from a dead person, he’s not suffering anymore and thats comforting to know. we gather up his things in the room and sneak them out to the car. i can officially say i’ve kissed a dead person now. i hope it doenst go much farther than that. Thanks for all the people who’ve stuck around marty, and thanks to all the friends i already had and have gained from this experience.

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