election 2004

as the day went on today, i enjoyed my ignorance and bliss of not worrying about tomorrows outcome. i follow the news, i know the 2 most popular candidates are exactly tied. i know people have spent the last 4 years of their lives preparing for election day, while i have prepared nothing. i have happily gone about my business doing my own thing while other people devote their lives, family and money into a project i really dont care to participate in. if there was one candidate i felt strongly should win, i would vote. but there is not. they both have things i like and things i dislike. i can not choose which of those are more important to me. if i vote for one of them, i’m voting against the good things about the other, (at least in our current election process) which defeats my purpose. so go ahead and make a big deal about it. stand in lines, and hold your signs. cast your vote and preach your candidate to others. all while i sit on my ass watching cartoons.

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