Nekocon 2004

I’ve returned! I took many pictures, over a 100 to be exact, and I’ve already got them in the picture gallery for your viewing pleasure! Check out the pictures! If you find yourself or someone you know, post a comment on it to let us all know who you are, what character you were cosplaying as and even your contact information like a email address or website. Also, feel free to post comments about the pictures in general, let us know which ones you like best. if you’re interested, i can supply the full quality version of a picture to you. I want to comment here that the guy standing with some of the cosplayers is not myself, that is my friend p*grass. I know he took some pictures of me at the con, so when i get a copy of his I will post them on here also. Anyway, Feel free to contact me about any of the pictures also, congratulate me, complain to me, or just say hi!

Nekocon 2004 Cosplay Pictures

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