a dream : some friends and I were walking down the street in our small hometown. Some guy comes up and asks my friend if he likes porn. and we all say yea sure and this guy hands my friend a card and walks away. We take a look at the card and it says something to the effect to meet at this secret location for a party.
So, when the night comes, me and friends jump into a car, and drive out into the middle of no where. it’s the back country, through some overgrown field in the middle of the woods, we were afraid the car would get stuck on weeds. eventually the field ended in a pond, and according to the directions we were to continue to drive onto the pond. after much hesitation, that we did and the car drove right on top of the water. We moved to our destination at the far end of the pond and parked there. we waited and waited and nothing ever happened. until the water started to swirl, big blue circles came up from under the car, and the car was pulled underwater.
magically, our car was safe and sound on a new road. in the middle of some street and we were surrounded by people. we cranked the car and parked it. got out, and noticed the party. most people were in these outlandish costumes. music was blaring, people were everywhere just having fun.
at some point i met sarah. she was hot, she was all legs. really, just skin tight pants over the legs and it stopped right there. no torso, head, arms… just legs. but she was still hot. and she became my date apparantly. and we hung out, walked around that sort of thing.

and i dont remember what happend next. ahh well

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