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Wednesday, April 19th, 2006


Originally uploaded by radialmonster.

i’m not sure if you’ve ever heard or used flickr before, but flickr is highly regarded as one of the best photo sharing sites on the net. I’ve begun to post all my photo’s on flickr as it gives my pictures much wider audience, allowing people to find them easier, make comments and save as favorites. I have already had the unique pleasusre of being in the top 20 most “interesting” pictures! Bear in mind there are millions of pictures on flickr, so being in the top 20 is a real honor.
Also being millions of pictures, and hundreds of thousands of photographers, it can be difficult to get views on your pictures. I have also been luck enough to have this picture listed at over 300 views, and has been added to almost 30 people’s favorite list. By comparision my next highest picture has only 35 views.
I plan on adding all my pictures to flickr. I’ve already uploaded over 1200 pictures and i’m still in the 2002 dates! Please take a look at my photostream here
Comment on my pictures and add me as a contact, or a picture as a favorite!
Will post again when i’ve added more pictures!