vday 2006

I just love it when I find a new song I can put on repeat and just listen for hours and still digg it.  Curious as to the song?  You could learn a lot about me by viewing my last.fm page.

Some lucky lady could of had dinner, flowers, a bubble bath at home, the whole thing.  But I spent my money on myself tonight. Went out to eat with the other losers who didnt have a date either.  What made it even worse is I think I was the only alone loser at the restaurant.  The date offer I did have I was not interested in, and I hated to reject someone on valentines day.  Thanks, but no thanks.  I’m still hearing about it.  I didnt even bother to ask the other couple of girls that I’m totally interested in, as they haven’t shown any further interest recently.  Unbenownst to even my closest friends who I went with to the Circus last week, the seat beside me was empty as the date I asked to go chose not to respond.  Ok, the circus isn’t a great date place, but if a girl goes to the circus with me for a date, she’s my kind of girl.  So, I used the seat as a nice armrest and a buffer between me and the person the seat over. 

It’s like she read my page here and just came right out and said it.  Left no doubt about it, enough to make me blush even.  Even though I was having lunch with another girl.  Sweet waitress told me the other day she has been meaning to tell me for a long time (I visit this restaurant a lot and see her a lot) I have the prettiest smile.  Thanks.  Then she came back and said I had a handsome smile.  Ok, but i liked pretty better aha.  So I asked if she would email me, she said of course, but no word yet.  arghh whats with you girls.

Been playing Magic the Gathering again recently.  So far this spell I’m 3 of 3 winning.  Our games last forever, like 5 hours!  Tons of strategy and thinking involved, not for the average poker player, but just right for me.


Damn this song is awesome.

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