Been busy with work and havent had a lot of time to sit and write.   But have lots of cool things going on, last weekend me and Lindsey went to see the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra doing a tribute to Pink Floyd.  It was kick ass.  (I told her I’d say that specifically, true to my word).  I’m not sure if I ever saw the orchestra in the new hall before, and it did sound pretty awesome.  I’d be interested to see just the orchestra perform, or even a regular musical act perform there as the sound is great. I sat there listening to the volume the strings were at and realized it would be very hard to recreate that sound using speakers, no matter the source.  Strings are very hard to recreate so hearing them live was pretty awesome. 


This weekend is jam packed with Animazement in Durham.  I have 2 cameras ready this time, not sure which one I’ll use the most.  I’ll be heading there right after work today and will be going until Sunday.  Be sure to check for all the pictures after the con. 

Next weekend we’re heading to the NC Zoo in Asheboro.  Later in June we’ll be heading to the beach for a weekend trip.  You’re missing out, join us on the whootah forums for upcoming events for more info on these and more events.

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