My Animazement 2007 favorite pics

It’s very hard to choose favorite cosplayers, I take pictures of just about all the ones I like.  If you’re not listed here, I still love you!  With over 1100 pictures, I can’t possibly highlight all of them.  That said, here is a small collection of SOME of the pictures that I think turned out great, they have great costumes, I captured them in a great pose, I want to be sure people see these great pics, or I just think these girls are hot aha.  Some of the pictures are posed, being I would direct them to some extent, or modify the picture a bit.  For instance, the very first one here, These 3 people were sitting separate, the girl on the right was on the floor.  The umbrella was laying to the side if I remember right.  But they were talking as I walked by so I assumed they were together and I asked for a pose.  I could just see it in my mind, this exact pose. I asked them all, I said I don’t know if you want to do this or not, but I’d like for you (the girl on the right) to sit here in his lap, and have the guy hold the umbrella, I just know it will make a great pic, and they did and that it did.  The girls a few pics down with the glow sticks, Anime Hell was just about to start, they just dimmed the lights and I saw they had glowsticks.  I practically knocked Scott out of his seat to jump over him to get there as and asked if they’d hold them up so I could try the pic.  Turned out great.  Faye Valetine captured my heart as she held her hand out for me to help her down for the pose.  I obliged and helped her back up as well.  The tarot card reader, after she read my fortune, I asked for her pic, and asked if I could spread the cards out in front of her and pose her.  She said sure, but she said “first let me get these dollar bills out of my titties” and she pulled a wad of money from her shirt aha.  Aries sleeping in the lap of the other girl, hm, cloud?, They were really relaxing like that as I walked by, and I saw and thought what a great pic, leaned in and whispered to her if I could snap a shot, just stay right there they said of course.  That I did, and showed it to them both, the Aries as she continued to lay right there and she said “awwww we’re so cute!” that you are.  The girl leaning up with her back against the wall posing, she actually did the pose.  But this was the second shot.  First shot, she had sat her water bottle down on the window sill there and I took the pic and said “I”m going to move this over here, you’re up there all pretty and everything and then there’s this big water bottle to the side!”  she agreed, and resulted in this pic.  Kiki was just the perfect Kiki.  I told her that a few times as I passed by her throughout the con.  The last Rinoa made the perfect Rinoa.  The two beautiful blondes in white towards the end both said she wasn’t even dressed as anybody, I said that’s ok you’re just as pretty anyway.  Gosh just so many stories behind some of the pics.  Wish I could do more.  Anyway, Read my full con report here.  Enjoy –

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