Someone asked me recenlty about how I came up with radialmonster.  Don’t know that I’ve ever explained that here, so here goes.

Years and years ago, before the internet even, I was maybe 15?  Just guessing.  There were services called bulletin boards that you could call up to and get on an online service.  You could message, download files, do discussions, play games.  But it was only local stuff, just some guy would run it as a hobby. Anyway, I started checking them out and at first I didnt know any better and used my real name.  Well, as time went on then you get people that start knowing your name and things and the online thing suddenly doesn’t seem so fun once it’s not so anonymous.  I mean nothing bad happened at all, just saying.

So I decided I needed a name.  A cool name aha So I just started thinking about names and I was actually using the toilet one day (hey, you asked aha) and I somehow thought of the name Radial.  I thought ya that sounded pretty cool, and I hadn’t seen anyone else use something close to that.  But seemed pretty short, so I decided on a second part to be Monster.  No particular reason or meaning, simply because I thought it sounded cool.  And that it did, and the name has stuck.

I normally just use radial online but some places I don’t sign up quick enough and have to use radialmonster. I know there’s a guy in the Philippines, and one in Canada who have used radial before.  So if you see radial anywhere it’s probably me, but if you see radialmonster somewhere it’s almost positively me.

The second story is about my nickname. Chicken.

I was maybe 18 or so working as a bagger at the local Winn-Dixie grocery store.  Me and the cashier Jama were good friends, went to high school together, and hung out together numerous times.  We’d always joke around and one day she was telling me about someone she knew that had all sorts of piercings.  I was bagging for this old lady there, and the lady behind her was listening to the conversation.  She started telling Jama that was sick stuff, how nasty that was.  So I told the lady Oh I did all that stuff once.  Jama, of course, knew differently.  And there it started.

The lady said “Did you really?” I said ya… I got my ears pierced, my nose, my eyebrown, a chain between them all.  Jama’s laughing, the lady’s getting sicker by the minute.  I was milking it up and she was believing it all.  And then for some brief second, I for some reason then said “I even had my chicken pierced.”  I must of been bagging some chicken or something.  I didn’t even realize what I said, or what it could mean.  The lady’s mouth gasped wide open, and I just nonchalantly then took out the groceries for the old lady I was bagging for.  I go back inside, and the cashier’s busting out laughing.  The lady had already left, and before leaving she asked Jama “So how does he have sex??”

Ever since then, nickname has been chicken, and that particular part of the male anatomy has been referred to as chicken.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Ha! great story. I worked at the one on WF and nothing quite so interesting every

  2. Jennifer says:

    1. Don’t worry about WHERE you came up with the idea- I think most people come up with their best ideas in the loo but are too embarressed to admit it. (For me it’s the shower but whatever)

    2. The peircing story is one of the funniest work anticdotes I have heard in a long long time!

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