Wednesday, June 5, 2002

on the 100th episode
of the Simpson’s, Bart wrote on the blackboard “I will not celebrate meaningless
milestones”.  does that mean anything to you today?  but i wont dwell
on that.        Tio used the bathroom on her
newspaper today.  good job.  It’s a shame they don’t just make rolls of
paper like that you can just buy in bulk to be used as a piss collector.
how would you feel if you spent long hours working on writing an article, and it
was good enough to be published, thousands of people read it, and all that
becomes of it is some creature dumps his load on it and then it’s put in a big
metal barrel and burned.  i feel bad every time i put a fresh batch down.
i would hate to know that you do that to my web site.  lay the monitor on
its side and drop your load onto the screen then close the browser window in
haste.  i felt creative tonight.  i even loaded up fruity loops to
work on a song.  but that’s as far as i got.  so i came here.
lets see what becomes of it.

A guy walked up to me today and ask about my past.  I said
why do you want to know about my past?  He said I want to know of your past
because my past is the same as your past.  Then if you already know your
past, you know my past, so I have no reason to tell you anything.  He said
I don’t think you understand.  I used to be you in my former life.
come on now, that can’t be.  it is.  see when you die, you will become
someone as well.  problem i have is i didn’t finish my mission my last
life, so now you’re here to see if you can do it.  if you don’t, then you
will be replaced too.  why is this?  how can this be?  God has a
will for everything.  you are destined to do something really great.
but you may be distracted by evil.  you will dishonor your God and you will
have to be replaced so you can continue your quest.  Then what is my quest?
I can not tell you that.  my quest is to finish this story, and i can
already tell that’s not going to happen.  so see ya

ok that
was fun.  did you know America has been donated 14 cows from a tribe in
Kenya?  like just this week.
read all about it

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