2007/2008 New Years party

So at some point I want to make a 2007 year in review post.  But whenever I get a few minutes to sit down and write it, I decide I need much more than just a few minutes and I never write anything.  Hm, I haven’t actually posted anything since before Christmas.  Ok, let’s do a year 2008 in review then.

To bring in the new year I hosted a small party.  We played with John’s wii all night to which everyone enjoyed.  By the end of the night John was pretty tired though.  Had about all my friends there, I even cleaned up the kitchen for it.  Which was difficult as I hadn’t seen my kitchen table in years.  Before clearing it off I piled it up with a collection of mail and gifts I’ve recieved over the last about 2 years.  A while back I decided I had some extra money and I sent $15 to the North Shore Animal League as a donation.  Ever since, I have been bombarded with letters from other charities asking for money also.  Some send letters, some little gifts such as preprinted address labels and calendars, and some send hand woven dreamcatchers, tshirts, umbrellas and coffee mugs.  They have totally blown my $15 donation a long time ago, and hence will not see another dime from me. 

Then I cleared off the table, 20071231_020 and took a picture as I don’t remember the last time this has happened.  I then proceeded to pile stuff on it 20071231_031 and get ready for the incoming guests.  Everyone pigged out on pizza and snacks.  20071231_037 We then proceeded to hook up the games and laugh at each other’s lack of abilities.  20080101_024 20080101_031 20080101_041 20071231_047 20080101_05120080101_049 20080101_054 Afterwards we did some Christmas gift exchanging as it hadn’t been done yet and we some of us proceeded to stay up until 5am 2008. We did watch the apple and acorn drop to its most terrible climax ever as immediately afterwards instead of airing the huge party in NYC or a band line up at some club as normal, they switch over to a 10 year old David Letterman show.  Jokes about Monica and Bill are way out of style.  Otherwise, had a good time.  Afterwards, back to the lonely house.

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