so ya

I was going to get on here and write something profane like things about my life and thoughts recently, life, work, love, lack of life, work and love, and maybe i’ll write a book or something and how last night i was feeling down and i get on and play my recommended tracks and it picks whitney houston and soulified stevie wonder and i just stop it and laugh.  Tomorrow night I’ll go out to a local hang out i’ve been frequenting.  hmm which reminds me i need to charge my camera tonight and dump the flash drive to prepare.  But my camera’s been screwing up recently and the top buttons are wearing out or something.  I found the new camera i want, but its like 350 and not available until april i think.  and so i’m transferring the pictures now but i actually have no idea what pics these are.  will see in a minute when they’re done.  i have 2 more cards to check too.  and by the time you read this i’ll have finished transferring the pics and this whole section will already be obsolete.  but you wont even get to see the pics yet because i need to import them in to my ‘process’ and tag, label rename and upload them which won’t happen tonight because it’s so late it’s after 12:30am and i’m so tired i’m not even going to write anything.

4 Responses to “so ya”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Cheer up emo kid

    (PS: The verification phrase at the submit button is “Army Tuxedo”. Awesome)

  2. Lindsey says:

    When are you gonna add an RSS feed so I can subscribe to you in bloglines?

  3. Lindsey says:

    Okay, huneio! Ha ha love hearing about your “chat buddies”

    Btw, am definitely going to Animazement to do library table so you will have to stop by. We are going to raffle off those bubbly sodas with marbles in them. Ya know what I mean?

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