Finally heard back from Alexandra.  Today was ‘her’ sales pitch.  I attempt to hook her up with the Nigerian 419 bank scammer to provide her the money she needs.

Alex Williams: hello
radialmonster: good evening
Alex Williams: how are yo doing
radialmonster: im good how are you?
radialmonster: where have you been?
Alex Williams: well been here
radialmonster: i haven’t seen you online
Alex Williams: i try to see you online but you seems to busy
Alex Williams: am not kinda happy here
radialmonster: ya i stay pretty busy
Alex Williams: i supose to have got back homw
Alex Williams: but i cant due to some reason
radialmonster: i was afraid you got eaten by a zebra or something
Alex Williams: just been worried
radialmonster: what is your worry
Alex Williams: well it abt the hotel manager here
Alex Williams: i was suppose to leave
Alex Williams: today but he said i cant
radialmonster: maybe you havent finished your work yet
Alex Williams: i did
Alex Williams: cause i already got paid
Alex Williams: but it was with check
Alex Williams: and i have to balance up my bills
Alex Williams: here
radialmonster: oh i see
Alex Williams: yeah
radialmonster: you should keep the check there.  the dollar here is worthless now
Alex Williams: well the prob now is that i need to seatle the manager with the balance
Alex Williams: so was lookin if you can loan me
Alex Williams: and i get it paid back to you asap
radialmonster: i hear cougar heads are worth money
Alex Williams: so do you care to loan me
Alex Williams: ?
radialmonster: hang on i have a customer
Alex Williams: k
radialmonster: are you saying you need some money?
Alex Williams: yeah
Alex Williams: just to seatle the bills
Alex Williams: and get back home
radialmonster: you’re in luck
Alex Williams: how
Alex Williams: ?
radialmonster: i have a banker friend
Alex Williams: ok
Alex Williams: cool
radialmonster: his name is peter johnson
Alex Williams: ok
Alex Williams: so what gonna happen now
Alex Williams: ?
radialmonster: he has offered to help me in the past
radialmonster: i’m sure he can resolve your situation
Alex Williams: ok thanks
radialmonster: hang on
Alex Williams: ok
radialmonster: i want to find his information
Alex Williams: k
Alex Williams: am waiting
radialmonster: i have his phone number
radialmonster: +233-249-295-392
Alex Williams: ok
Alex Williams: so you callin him now
Alex Williams: ?
radialmonster: i tried to get him on chat but he’s not there
Alex Williams: k
radialmonster: he is Peter Johnson
radialmonster: his yahoo chat is pette233john3
Alex Williams: wat do you mean by this
Alex Williams: if you know you cant assist me to get it then forget it
radialmonster: i’m telling you how you can contact him
radialmonster: he’s not answering now
Alex Williams: dnt wrry hold your help bye
radialmonster: i already sent him a message about helping
radialmonster: he has helped me before
Alex Williams has signed out. (3/17/2008 10:58 AM)

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  1. Chico says:

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