Thursday, November 8, 2001

So, i saw this ad
on another site somewhere or another, and thought it was too funny to pass
up.  tshirthell has some funny shirts that i know some of you may be
interested in.  so check them out and get one, most are only $16
bucks.  and don’t worry, they got some raunchy ones too!  i’m feeling
a lot better, although i just haven’t been getting enough sleep recently.
but that’s what the weekend is for, right?  no plans yet for weekend, i
suppose me and pretzel boy will collaborate  some.  friday night, me
and friends are going to play some ut.  i will undoubtly kick booty as
always.  check out our web page for our ut server at
my custom maps are on there, and so are viper’s.  we make maps for the game
and put them on our server for all to enjoy.  we’ve got our own little fan
base going.  our server is frequently busy with players, it’s great to have
other’s enjoy one of your own creations like this.  i just haven’t been
doing a lot of mapping lately.  been interested in my other projects,
mostly music.  i need some new guitar strings for my acoustic alvarez.
its starting to sound dull.  in a quest to keep you coming here, i really
am going to try to write more often.  that’s what this is before, as i said
earlier.  my expressions of ideas and ideals.  i need cash. there’s
things i want to buy.  i need some music equipment for when i start dj’ing.
i need a new computer.  i need to take my animals to the vet.  one
thing i dont sacrifice on is food.  i’m not going to suffer through not
eating.  that’s not the american way.  there was some show on pbs the
other night on things called colonials.  or something like that. places in
southern texas and scattered around other parts of the country where these
people, mostly of mexican decent, were lured to these places to build their
homes because farmers were selling land cheap.  what these buyers didnt
know is that this was being done under the table, and not reported to the local
officials.  therefore, no sewer, or water was ever run to these
developments.  been that way for almost 40 years.  these places are
out in the desert sometimes.  one is in the middle of a dried up
lake.  when it rains, the ground instantly fills with water.  they
have no real roads there, so the people sometimes can not get out to work, or
can’t get back home.  finally a bunch of them got together and went before
their county officials and demanded some money for things like roads and sewer
and water and they are starting to get them.  some of the officials were
like well lets just deport them, but they can’t because these aren’t illegal
immigrants.  these are American citizens.  they can’t get out because
they make little money at the jobs they have, they have to pay so much money to
keep up their old houses like this one guy actually saved up enough money to
build a really nice house and his own water well cuz he couldn’t get
water.  turned out it was very hard water, and every 2 years he has to
replace all his fixtures in the house.  he can’t do much with the water but
water the grass.  anyway…

i wanted to see the
american race
the other night but the stupid country music awards were
on.  the only reason i watch that show is cuz that girl emily on there is
so cute. and she actually has a personality.  i was pretty upset last
episode when her and her mom came in last place.  then the guys said that
that wasn’t a critical point and they would not be kicked off the game.  so
she’s on for one more show.  the other day i went grocery shopping.  i
spent too much money on food that day, but i got a lot of stuff i wanted.
and a new addition to the loneliness page is when you walk by a aisle of
greeting cards and your first thought is to buy one for the sole purpose of
sending it to your self.

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