Tuesday, November 20, 2001

so i bit
the bullet and now i have these unbelievably huge speakers.  i went to mars
early saturday morning and bought two jbl tr225’s.  2 15″ woofers and
a horn for highs.  of course, i didn’t have anything to plug them into, so
i had to wait till tonight to hear them!  and boy do they rock.  one
of my ears still feels like someone is pushing into it with their fist
constantly.  these baby’s handle 450 watts RMS, and 1800 watt peak!
Steve brought over a crown amp that really pushed them and we hooked it up to my
mixer board and even ran a game of UT on it!  rock on!  i also bought
a compressor/limiter that i will use to plug into the mic line.  oww my ear
hurts!  i also tested some last night running my guitar through the
compressor and it made a huge difference in the sound of it.  so i’m gonna
hopefully have something recorded through it pretty soon now.  other than
that, i just stayed at home all weekend.  playing with my new toys.
went to a early thanksgiving dinner sunday.  i need sleep.  i wanna
make some music, i wanna play a game.  i wanna clean my house.  took
me a while to put up all our toys me and steve brought out tonight. each speaker
weighs 90 pounds!  And the amps aren’t light either.  but now my room
doesn’t look like my current cam pic which is full of equipment.  like
anyone sees my room or anything else here anyway.

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