i had another bad
dream last night.  i wont go into
detail, but it’s been a while since i’ve had
such dreams
about that one, and then i have to
have one like that?  maybe
it’s these.  so
i wrote yesterday morning of me needing to clean my room.  i haven’t even
touched one piece of trash in this room yet.  an old friend stopped in and
we watched our Canes lose a really good game.  it really sucked that we
lost, into the third overtime, you know our
were tired.  but they didn’t give up, but they should of won!
they play again tomorrow night.  so i’m gonna have to
watch that one.  cept
i think mercy will come over and practice.  maybe i can tape record it.
but then it’s no good once i hear
the score
on the news.    i like this so much
i’m linking again

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