sorry.   no

.  ok, here’s an update.  I’m
thinking of

a minister.  time for some
writing.  i have purchased about 15 cd’s i have yet to listen to in about 2
weeks.  i don’t know what would happen if i put one of those small cd
singles in my car cd changer. it would probably eat it.  this time its
obviously not clear.  this sweetness in my ear, this numbness in my hands.
the hearing of non annoying orchestra strings echoing across the lands.
couldn’t you see that rhyme coming?  i have had distinctly no dreams these
past few nights.  does that mean my creativity is run out?  does that
mean I’m satisfied?  i went shopping for clothes today, but couldn’t find
any pants that fit me that i liked.   i once saw the most evil face
I’ve ever seen from an animal from my fat cat.  i accidentally kicked him
in the head one time and he gave me the most evil look I’ve ever come across.
i have purposely kicked him in the head and he only continues to rub against me.
its almost time for ice cream.  the funniest thing I’ve seen tonight is a
Japanese ‘movie’ with the Kanji or whatever it’s called and in the middle of the
kanji was an obscene English word.    this is a family site, so i
wont mention that word here.  of course, its only a family site because
kids come here by mistake when they search on the good ship lollipop.
otherwise, it’s a non-existent web site in the eyes of you who don’t read this.
does reading that something doesn’t exist make it exist because you’re thinking
of it?  its almost time for ice cream.  then i’ll be up from a sugar
rush.  butt butt butt.  right now i’m  ranked #990 out of 69,987
players this quarter in UT.  kicking butt.  butt butt.  thanks
for being here,
mail me!!

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