sure thing.
lets boycott npr radio.  check this
out.  read
this first. 
Then think about
reading this
  Yes, I disagree with npr on this.  and of course, i
had to fill out my form to npr asking permission to their site.  why don’t
you visit their site and tell them how much they suck like i did when i told
them the context in which i would put their site link to?
.  no we wouldn’t have died, at least not all of us.
The Drudge Report thanks it’s loyal visitors on reaching
nearly 5 million viewers per day!  good job.  unbiased news reports is
what turns me on with small news sites like
drudge and
debkafile.  Check out debka’s
report on known infiltrations of terrorists into America via sea shipping
containers within the last 2 months.  Quote from Debka “In Miami and
Savanna, containers with secret human burdens were unloaded from incoming
vessels. Anti-terror squads shifted the boxes to a quiet corner of the harbor,
drilled holes in their sides and filled them with gas and smoke bombs. The
stowaways suffocated to death.”  Why don’t we ever hear of this?  It’s
news to me.    Heres a good one “Washington (as in the US)
understands that action against Iraq alone would leave Iran the strongest power
in the Gulf”  that’s interesting.

Welcome KURO5HIN people!
I just had to support the site. 😉

ok, this is my kind of

group eheh
  My eyes burn.  they’ve been burning for a few days
now.  i think i need new glasses.the only thing that helps is to remove my
glasses, but then i can’t see good enough to do anything far away.  i have
such an ambition to revamp the way this site works.  i have such ambition
to work on my other project site i was working on for a while a year ago.
i’ve learned some new things i’ve been wanting to know using asp working on some
pages at work.  getting there.  things that can carry over to here.
i have even used some things i’ve made for here on pages i make for work sites.
i used the way my page grabs the file you’re reading now which is a separate
file and throws it into the main index.asp file.  and it can grab any file
you want.  that’s how the inside content changes while the outside stays
static.  i used the authentication system i wrote for my project site on
some sites for work.  i figure it’s only a trade then for me to use things
i’ve written at work on my site here.  i want you to be able to comment on
my posts.  maybe even add new posts.  add pictures and all sorts of
cool stuff.  that would be neato.  i’ve even looked at
slashcode and
scoop systems.  would require a
new server, and new learning.  i’m not interested in that right now.
sorry.  i know my pictures section sucks.  i’ll make a new one.
maybe this could be my project for this weekend.  work on my site.
hmmm its late.  i’m expecting an im any minute now.  it’s nice to be
thought of every once in a while.  i have been listening to the same 3
songs all night long.  all night.  so repetitive.  repetitive
does not have “a tit” in it.  when have a rambled last?  sorry for
that.  when i hold my glasses up to light, i can see a film of haze.
i’m gonna try couldmark’s system for
blocking spam.  i manage the spam filter at work for our
isp.  you’d be amazed at all the junk
that passes through our server.  junk and porn and all sorts of stuff.
i rarely get spam now at work, but i get several here at home.  so
mindspring’s spaminator sucks.  it actually uses brightmail’s system.
why am i being so technical tonight?  i’ve gotten caught up on kuro5hin’s
site i guess.  sorry.  i decided to buy some advertisement for my
site.  i wanted to support them, and i wanted to promote my site, so i
figured buying ads would be a good thing.   thanks for visiting
whoever out there in internet land that visits.

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